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Staff Forms

American Fidelity Assurance Company

Colorado PERA

EBMS Employee Benefit

Human Resources Forms

Folder Staff Forms (26 Files)
pdf file 12 Month Employee Vacation Request
xls file 2019 Interactive Mileage
pdf file 2019 Mileage
pdf file 403b Salary Reduction Agreement
pdf file 506 Form - Exp July 31, 2019
pdf file Comp Time
pdf file Direct Deposit Form
pdf file EBMS Claim Submission Form
pdf file Employee Handbook 2018-2019
pdf file Facility Use Categories & Fees
pdf file Facility Use Request Form
pdf file Field Trip/Activity Form
pdf file Financial Reconciliation Form
pdf file Fund Raising Request Form
pdf file Grant Intent To Apply
pdf file Grants Timesheet - PRINT ON MINT GREEN
pdf file Home Language Survey
pdf file Initial Page 2018-2019
pdf file Montezuma-Cortez RE-1 Teacher Evaluation Handbook 2018-2019
pdf file Post-Childbirth Leave Protocol
pdf file Professional Leave Travel Request Form
pdf file Request for Emergency-Personal Leave
pdf file Request for new vendor
pdf file Student Transportation Request Form
pdf file Unreimbursed Medical Expenses effective 01.01.2011
pdf file W-9 Form
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