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Montezuma-Cortez Schools: Meal Charge Policy


I.           PURPOSE

The purpose of this regulation is to establish consistent meal account procedures throughout the district and alleviate the financial burden that unpaid meal charges place on the school district.

The goals of this policy are:

·         To treat all students with dignity in the serving line regarding meal accounts

·         To support positive situations with district staff, district business policies, students and parent/guardian to the

          maximum extent possible

·         To establish policies that are age appropriate

·         To encourage parent/guardian to assume the responsibility of meal payments and to promote self-responsibility

          of the student

·         To establish a consistent district policy regarding charges and collection of charges.



The Nutrition Service Department: Responsible for maintaining charge records and notifying the school district of outstanding balances.

The School District: Responsible for notifying the student's parent/guardian with written documentation.

The Parent/Guardian: Immediate payment.



1.     Student groups:

a.       Elementary and Secondary full pay students: will pay for meals at the district’s published standard rate

          each day.

b.      High school students: will not be allowed to charge meals. Students must prepay or pay cash at the

         register for all meals

2.     No charges will be allowed for ala carte foods and beverages.

3.     Students with negative balances will be contacted by the Nutrition Services Department. This will be done either

        as a written letter, electronic 3-mail, or phone call to the household.

4.     Pay online through “My School” using a credit card or bank account.

5.     Provide cash or check to school cafeteria or mail checks to School Nutrition Services, 25 East Second Street,

        Cortez, CO 81321

6.     For departmental record-keeping, the district should be notified monthly of all negative balances.

7.     In the middle of May, all charging will be cut off:

a.       Parents/Guardians will be sent a written request for “Payment in Full”. (The deposit requests will be mailed


b.      All charges not paid before the end of the school year will be carried forward into the next school year

c.       Graduating seniors must pay all charges in full if for any reason they have a negative balance.

8.     If a financial hardship is suspected, families will be encouraged to apply for free/reduced meals any time

        during the school year. Parents/guardians will also be notified that any school meal debt accrued prior to the

        district’s determination that the student is eligible for free or reduced lunch remains the parent’s responsibility.

9.     As advised by the state agency, negative balances should not incur against the food service revolving account.



Revised:     October, 2018

400 North Elm Street | Cortez, CO 81321 | Phone: 970.565.7522