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Advanced Learning Plans

Gifted Education

Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)


The Advanced Learning Plan, or ALP, is a state required written record of gifted and talented programming utilized with each student identified. When students are formally identified, an ALP is written and re-evaluated/updated each year, throught the students educational experience. The ALP is documentation of programming services to match the identified student's profile, strength areas, and needs. Criteria for ALPs are detailed in the Rules promulgated by the State Board of Education. ALP's are dynamic, working documents developed and reviewed through collaborative efforts of the teacher(s), parents/guardian, and student and include SMART* goals. The areas selected as priorities for SMART goals are monitored through ongoing assessment and parent-teacher conferences. ALPs are managed and monitored in the school and filed in the student's cumulative file. ALP's are signed annually by parents/guardians, the student's teacher(s), the student (as appropriate), and other personnel involved in development.

ALP Elements:


*    Student information:

     Parent/Guardian information

     Strengths, interests

     Achievement data

     Affective needs (social emotional

      Collaborative goal setting


*     Annual review:

     Intergrated with ongoing district programs


*    Balanced programming:

     All components are addressed over time)

     Differentiated instruction, curriculum, and assessment

     Affective guidance

     Content extensions

     Structure for learning; placement


*    Data driven decisions:



     Classroom asessments

     Additional Testing (completed on an individual need)


 *    SMART Goal: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

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