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MC Middle School People

Kristy Aiken

Principal's Secretary

  • Email Kristy Aiken

Joni Anderson

Athletic Director/Assistant Principal's Secretary

  • Email Joni Anderson
Photo of Beth Benavidez

Beth Benavidez

Assistant Principal

  • Email Beth Benavidez

Jean Bramley

ELL/Language Arts & Indigenous Arts & Language Teacher

  • Email Jean Bramley

Amanda Brewer

6th/8th ESS Resource Teacher

  • Email Amanda Brewer

Roberta Bucher

7B Science Teacher

  • Email Roberta Bucher

Andrew Campo

Band Teacher/Electives Team Leader

  • Email Andrew Campo

Robyne Cote

7th Grade Counselor

  • Email Robyne Cote
Photo of Cathy Cowan

Cathy Cowan

6B Math Teacher/ Math Department Chair

  • Email Cathy Cowan
Photo of Melanee Cullinane

Melanee Cullinane

7A Math Teacher/Pod Team Leader

  • Email Melanee Cullinane

Mario Davidson

8A Science Teacher

  • Email Mario Davidson

Demrah (DJ) Ditter

8B Math Teacher

  • Email Demrah (DJ) Ditter

Sarah Fox

Life Skills I Teacher

  • Email Sarah Fox
Photo of Angela Gabardi

Angela Gabardi

Theater Teacher

  • Email Angela Gabardi

Denise Gallegos

Assistant Principal's Secretary

  • Email Denise Gallegos
Photo of Cindee Gapp

Cindee Gapp

Restorative Room/Attendance Secretary

  • Email Cindee Gapp

Autumn Hanberry

8A Math Teacher/ Pod Team Leader

  • Email Autumn Hanberry

Megan Harmon

Life Skills I Paraprofessional

  • Email Megan Harmon

Karen Hebert

8B Science Teacher

  • Email Karen Hebert
Photo of Beth Howell

Beth Howell

7A Science Teacher/Science Department Chair

  • Email Beth Howell

Matthew Johnson

7th/8th Grade ESS Teacher

  • Email Matthew Johnson

Grace Jones

Life Skills I Paraprofessional

  • Email Grace Jones

Rick Jones

Head Custodian

  • Email Rick Jones

Sandra Jones

6A ELA Teacher/Pod Team Leader

  • Email Sandra Jones

Ty Keel

7A Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Ty Keel

Forrest Kohere

8B Language Arts Teacher/Pod Team Leader

  • Email Forrest Kohere
Photo of Lissa Lycan

Lissa Lycan

8A Language Arts Teacher/ ELA Department Chair

  • Email Lissa Lycan

Cory Madsen

College & Career Enrichment Teacher

  • Email Cory Madsen

Ryan Marble

6A Science Teacher

  • Email Ryan Marble

Melinda Martinez

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

  • Email Melinda Martinez
Photo of Conner McCue

Conner McCue

7B Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Conner McCue
Photo of Michelle McDaniel

Michelle McDaniel

Security Secretary/Rotunda

  • Email Michelle McDaniel

Kay McInnes

Middle School Nurse

Chris Moraga

Assistant Band Director/6th Choir Teacher

  • Email Chris Moraga

Robby Moy

Life Skills II Teacher

  • Email Robby Moy

Keri Mustoe

Technology Teacher

  • Email Keri Mustoe

Morgan Nichols

College & Career Advisor

  • Email Morgan Nichols

Michael Olson

8B Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Michael Olson

Austin Pack

M-CMS Food Services Manager

  • Email Austin Pack

Walter Parker


  • Email Walter Parker

Sara Parks

Art Teacher

  • Email Sara Parks
Photo of Andrew Pearson

Andrew Pearson


  • Email Andrew Pearson

Brielle Preskenis

7th ELA Teacher

  • Email Brielle Preskenis

Billy Randall

ESS Lifeskills I Paraprofessional

  • Email Billy Randall

Edsy Randels

Librarian/RTI & GT Coordinator

  • Email Edsy Randels

Amanda Robinson

Health Teacher/Electives Department Chair

  • Email Amanda Robinson
Photo of Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

Assistant Principal/Activities Director

  • Email Dave Robinson

Skylar Robinson

Registrar/Counseling Secretary

Blair Ruder

Occupational Therapist

Carrie Schneider

6th Grade Counselor

  • Email Carrie Schneider

Marla Sitton

7th & 8th Grade Choir Teacher

  • Email Marla Sitton

Rita Tripp

6B Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Rita Tripp

Karl VanSycle

6B Science Teacher

  • Email Karl VanSycle

Bryce Waggoner

7th & 8th ESS Paraprofessional

Michelle Waltman

Math Interventionist/6A Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Michelle Waltman

Karyn Weller-Coffman

6th & 8th Grade ESS Paraprofessional

Ondrea Whited

6A Math Teacher

  • Email Ondrea Whited

Hiedi Whitmer

Reading Interventionist/7th ELA Teacher

  • Email Hiedi Whitmer

Shandi Williford

6B ELA Teacher/Pod Team Leader

  • Email Shandi Williford

Devin Wills

Intervention Support Counselor

  • Email Devin Wills

Tyson Wood

8A Social Studies Teacher/ SS Department Chair

  • Email Tyson Wood

Logan Worley

8th Grade Counselor

  • Email Logan Worley

Isaiah Wright

Physical Education Teacher

  • Email Isaiah Wright

Vicky Yazzie

Social Worker

  • Email Vicky Yazzie


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(970) 565-7824

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