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Meeting Notes

Accountability June 5, 2018

In Attendance: Jason Wayman, Deanna Bagge, Kim Martin, Luci Phelps, Debra Ramsey, Monica Plewe

1. Principal's Report

a. Graduation Pathways - handout given

i. We have built some new documents to better communicate the Diplomas that can be received at M-CHS.

1. Dr. Wayman still needs to take it to the School Board for review.

2. This needed done because we still have 2013 options in our publications.

3. New Career & Technical Diploma allows for a skills based choice.

a. We are currently seeing about 50% to College and 50% into workforce.

b. There is a Career Math option starting next year.

c. Are you considering Financial Planning courses?

i. Some teachers are doing small units here and there to get the students a taste of it, but the state just moved that into the Social Studies field so right now we are finding it hard to fit in. (HR BLOCK Challenge was presented as an option outside of class)

4. New Career Plan / Academic Planning sheet with 4 year plan now has our a requirements breakdown & guidelines to help families plan what classes need to be taken. This will be given out at the Back to School Nights.

a. Committee would like to see M-CHS continue to push Concurrent Enrollment Classes.

b. Trimesters - Handout Given

i. We have approval to move ahead with next year's new trimesters. This will allow for flexible scheduling to help meet the needs of students that were having difficulty fitting in all the classes they wanted or needed to take.

ii. FIT has been reworked to be 30 minutes a day but instead of having one FIT Teacher the students will be booked into FIT period with the teachers they already have so it will be like a once a week mini class. This will allow the teacher to see the whole group at once to address a lesson or test that the whole group may have struggled with instead of individual students trying to do retakes while the teacher has a whole different class to deal with.

1. We set it up to rotate so if a 5th period teacher misses a lot of students on Fridays because of sports - their FIT time will be on a Monday so they still have their turn at extra time to see that group.

iii. Clubs and Announcements will be worked around the schedule and will not necessarily be part of FIT. We want that to be academic time.

c. C21 Grant - handout given

i. We are excited to announce that SCYC (School Community Youth Collaborative) that works out of the Pinion Project has apply and won a 21st Century Grant!

1. This grant will benefit M-CHS, SWOS, SCYC, and Pinion Project.

a. This grant will triple their staff allowing them to offer more assistance to families.

b. For M-CHS we will now be able to fund Summer School, Freshmen Academy, Tutoring 3 days a week after school, 3 busses to get students to a new Before School Movement Program, and 3 new student clubs (Archery, Wednesday Afternoon Structural Study Hall, 3rd TBD).

c. Pinion Project will have a Rap Around program to support 15-30 families of Students to create success. This will work by referral from the school. It can be things like helping support students acquire their driver's license if family is having a hard time getting it done, etc.

d. Social Studies Sequence - 2 Handouts

i. When we started building the CTE Diploma we saw that we needed to align this to match the other departments.

ii. The school district policy requires the teaching of History & Government of the State of Colorado and of the United States.

iii. World History will still be an available option for students to take, but will not be required as pieces of it are blended into offerings we already teach. We moved U.S. History to freshmen year and Geography to sophomore year. Juniors and seniors will have a choice, but we will keep American Government in the upper classes so align closer with the time that students come of age to vote.

iv. Our Social Studies Department is on board with the changes.

v. Offering CLEP U.S. History test as a trail run was a success.

e. Other - CLEP / College Info

i. Could we get more info out about CLEP?

1. Yes, this started after the school year began so this year it was mostly a test run in the departments that did it. We will continue to use it.

ii. Could we get more info out about WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange)?

1. This program has member school that offer in-state tuition (and a 1/2) to students in western states. Ex: A Cortez, CO high school graduate may be able to attend UNM at a rate of in-state + ½ vs. Full out of state tuition if UNM is a member school.

2. We will have info placed in the document we send out weekly on Scholarships that tells parents to make sure they are asking each school if they are in the WUI Program.

iii. Dr. Wayman said that counseling had been in talks about developing a "Money Saver Sheet" to help parents plan for after college with less surprises.

1. Parents volunteers to talk to any families that may have questions now that they have been though the process.

2. Now that we have the CLEP option if we know students are college bound we are getting them into their gen-ed. classes. If you will put the time in to the class it will cost you half for the CLEP version and you can test at any time.

3. This was our first year as a CLEP test Center. We are the only ones in a 45 mile radius to have the distinction. Next closest is Fort Lewis. So if any other schools want to do it they have to go through us or FLC.

f. Set 2018-2019 Meeting schedule

i. Plan to meet towards the last Tuesday of the Month so we can stay ahead of District Accountability. Proposed dates: August 28th, Oct. 30th, Jan. 29th, April 30th

ii. New officers will be discussed at August 28th Meeting.

iii. All Meetings will be at 5:30 PM in the M-CHS Library. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Next Meeting 2018-2019: September 25, November 27, October 30, January 29, April 30

Meeting Notes March 8th 2018

In Attendance: Deanna Bagge, Luci Phelps, Jason Wayman, Carmen Maness, Tammi Slagle, Debra Ramsey

1. Principal's Report

a. Safety Protocols

i. Friday, Feb. 23rd we were told there was a rumor of a threat on the school. The Police let us know it was only a rumor and that it was based on past events. The police choose to increase their presence at the school. The increased presence seemed to alarm some parents and we had many students withdrawal from school that day.

1. We discussed some points to help with situations like this in the future:

a. Administration confirms what is happening, makes a plan as to what security is needed, and everyone that communicates it out will use the same talking points to avoid any confusion.

2. Parent input:

a. Superintendent's letter early that week was vague & seemed as if to direct attention away from the school.

b. Could Nixle warning be used sooner? Several parents have Nixle. We could have a parent drive to get people signed up for it.

3. Student Request:

a. These students asked if we could open the end hall wings at lunch so when we release they are not all 600 in on stop at one time.

i. Administration and teaching staff worked together to move around the duty roster and this is now happening for just the first few minutes of lunch each day, under supervision.

b. They would also like to see more drills, and to practice evacuation with a lockdown.

i. Administration has coordinated this with local Police. We will soon run these drills and there is a follow up video for the students to watch also planned.

c. They have requested to have our SRO (School Resource Officer) full time assigned to just the high school.

i. Phelps felt that this is the community's responsibility to provide this service, not the schools. She will take the issue to the City of Cortez for discussion.

4. Safety Team Planning:

a. Our District Safety Team has been meeting about improve school safety for a couple months now. They were able to review some on the items that Aztec High School identified as things that would have helped. Based on this we will be putting these actions into place in the next couple weeks.

i. Radios were purchased for each classroom at the high school. We will need to have a training with staff about radio etiquette to get them up and running.

ii. Buzzer system was added to the front foyer door.

iii. Special window paper will be applied so people cannot see in.

iv. Updated Knox box with enough keys for both departments.

v. Discussions about SRO salary / schedule have started.

b. High School Trimesters -Handout

i. Looking at moving M-CHS to a trimester schedule this fall.

1. It shows a lot of positives to support our student's needs.

2. Students can take 7 credits instead of 6, allowing them more options.

3. FIT will become a type of study hall class but you will have it with your actual classroom teacher, which will help with test make up, tutoring, and allow more time for students to ask questions.

4. Two tri's is a credit, so a student can complete a course and get started on another in the same school year.

5. This will not change the length or our school day or calendar.

6. Students will only need to prepare for 5 classes a day, instead of 6.

7. Current problem: online classes are not the best remedial plan. This type of scheduling would allow us to better support a student that fails a course with a classroom option instead of putting them in an online class.

8. There is time built in for teachers to reach out to parents more of struggling students and to send positive notes to those preforming well.

9. We have found with our current schedule we tend to take for granted we have the students all year and sometimes we are responding to warning signs of failure fast enough. This will help.

10. We plan to add 9th & 10th Grade ICAP, ACT prep, Career goal planning, 4 year plans, Skills building, & pathways classes.

11. Advanced Placement would be yearlong, to allow more time in hopes that students score higher on AP test.

12. This schedule supports low and high achievers, and fits in well with SCCC/PCC options.

13. It could be a motivation for early grads.

a. Some low achievers may push harder if they think they can complete courses sooner and be done, instead of being stuck here whether they pass or not.

14. Changing ESS Diploma to a Tech Diploma requiring skills in two areas and English & Math.

a. Opens up options for more students. Shows community skills upfront that students have to offer.

b. Cuts back on Science and social studies.

15. Pinon Project has approached us about a grant they are considering writing that would help us with more support services. It would add tutoring and target freshmen.

16. Robinson is doing a great job with Athletics. Next year we are considering modeling some of our sports programs more like the band by adding a zero hour athletic strength and conditioning and Bigger, Faster, Stronger with our Trainer Daniel Mummert.

17. Wayman has to take it to the School Board.

ii. Cons:

1. Very hard to schedule, but we are already planning for this change so it should be manageable.

c. Other:

i. School will be paying for 11th graders to take eschool test prep to improve SAT scores.

ii. We are looking at H&R Budget Challenge. It is a 6 week "life" sample. Covers taxes, budgeting, and financial planning.

iii. Khan-Academy for 9th & 10th graders free online learning is now available.

iv. Self-directed learning will give students more buy in.

2. District Accountability Representative Report: Lucy Phelps

a. Old high school is now in Phase 2.

b. Date of next District Accountability Meeting: March 12th at 5:30 PM at the District Office

3. Other:

a. Deanna Bagge mentioned to please consider voting for the tax on the Rec Center. It is half of the current tax and comes to 3.5 cents on $10.00 and is taken in though sales tax.

4. Next Meeting: May 10th at 5:30 PM

Meeting Notes


In Attendance: Tammi Slagle, Carmen Maness, Luci Phelps, Debra Ramsey, Jason Wayman

1. Principal's Report

a. CNA / Phlebotomy

i. New class next year for juniors & seniors.

ii. Looking to offer 2 sections

iii. SCCC will send a teacher over to teach the class, some lab time is required to be at SCCC.

1. We are looking into transportation.

b. AVID: Handout

i. Advancement Via Individual Determination

ii. New program / class we are looking at offering that focuses on Students that would not usually be college bound and helps them develop WICOR (Writing to learn, Emphasis on Inquiry, Collaborative approach, Organizational skills, and Critical Thinking)

iii. To get this program they want a full school approach. We would have to send at least 8 teachers to the training. This would ensure that the classroom teacher was able to support the skills the AVID teachers would be trying to put in place.

1. There would be a large front cost to get this rolling.

iv. On the student survey the most requested item from students was more College prep and Academic Skills.

v. The program expects the school to blend in some rigor so students may be asked to try an advanced level class they usually would not consider. This goal aligns with the AIMS grant we are already working on so the two programs would compliment each other.

c. School Survey: Handout

i. We polled the students just after the Winter break.

ii. Overall results said our school climate had improved by 6% and student engagement was up 1%.

iii. The electives the students most wanted to see added were College Prep and Construction Trades, followed closely by Health Services.

iv. We are pretty glad the numbers all show a positive move that students feel good about school.

1. We anticipate that AVID & AIMS and the new career guided classes would help all the students feel better too.

v. 86% of the student body reported that they cared about our school.

d. Academic Success / Advisory: Bell Schedule Handout

i. For next year we are looking to change the layout of our Academic Success/Advisory class. We are considering not forming classes by grade level, instead form them by career interest/post-secondary option.

1. This would allow for the teacher to better support the student's needs towards their post-secondary goals.

ii. We would move it to after 5th hour so that the student has built up more homework. We were finding that having it so early the students didn't have quite enough work to do at that point in the day.

iii. Around once a month we would alternate AM / PM and use some time to do Advisory to complete our ICAP and Panther Cup needs.

e. Career Success Pilot Program: Handout / Career Interest Check Sheet Handout

i. We will be a part of this pilot program that gives the school a stipend towards every student that is reported by the district as earning an industry certification.

ii. Can be up to $1,000.00 per student.

iii. We have some student currently doing Serve Safe Certification in Foods class.

iv. Our EMT students cannot get their certification until the age of 18 and graduated so we will watch to see how that timing works.

v. We will have AP Computer Science next year.

vi. There will be someone from the Workforce Center at the Pathways to Success Night on March 14th.

2. New business:

a. Tammi Slagle will fill the opening on this committee for a staff member for the 2017-2018 school year. Carmen Maness will be her alternate should she not be able to attend.

3. District Accountability Representative Report: Lucy Phelps reported that the last meeting had been rescheduled to Monday, April 3rd at 5:30 PM at the District Office.

4. Next Meeting: Fall 2017 TBD

Meeting Notes


1. Principal's Report

a. School Performance Framework

i. Handout given

ii. We are at priority improvement, 3 years ago we were at improvement level.

iii. This drop is directly because of the number of students that opted out of the test.

iv. We can ask the state for our old numbers back, but they will only cover us for one year.

v. We will need every student possible to test this year.

vi. Some parents may have thought not taking the test would send a message to the state.

1. Why does the state allow opting out then turn around and count it against us?

2. If you want your student to graduate from an accredited school, you need to make sure they take the test that counts towards accreditation.

vii. Some groups tested were in such low attendance that we did not get any points in those categories.

viii. All the weight is based on the Freshmen PARCC test. PSAT does not count toward this.

ix. In Academic Achievement we were affected by some students that had opted out the year before also.

x. The dropout rate does not make sense unless they are making a percentage based on 6 year cohorts.

xi. ACT came in at 19.6 average and state is at 22.2. We are really close here and next year if we can move past a 20 average we will gain 3 points for just this one item. (note that in 2017 juniors begin taking the SAT instead of ACT as mandated by the state)

xii. Our graduation rate (2015) comes out to 80.7% but this year (2016) was much higher at 86.6%, but it will not count until next year so we can count on that helping also with 3 more additional points.

xiii. We may get stuck on the Matriculation section because 60% would be hard to reach.

xiv. Suggestions for getting more testers:

1. Panther Cup Participation

2. Teacher Buy in

3. Parent Buy in

4. Appeal to the students competitive side

5. Send out Parent / Student Letter with report cards on Jan. 13th

6. Parent Testimonials to other parents

7. Plan ahead what response the staff (guidance, admin, secretaries) will give to questions

8. Use our Facebook & Website for positive promotion flyers

b. Mentoring

i. Wayman attended a Dropout Prevention conference this fall and got some good ideas about starting a mentoring program with students.

ii. The Freshmen Teacher Advisors will pick 3 Junior Class students as mentors for each room.

1. The juniors will benefit by being able to fulfill their community service requirement while at school and an administrator will also give them a letter of recommendation for their college apps or towards work.

2. These juniors would then loop with the freshmen next year and be together as Senior/sophomores.

3. Currently, 2/3 of our failing grades are coming from the 9th and 10th graders.

4. They could also talk to the 8th graders about the importance of working hard your freshmen year.

5. We would need about 27 mentors to run the program.

6. Wayman needed to email Slagle & Broersma the info he sent to the Freshmen Advisors.

c. Eligibility

i. We have moved Kerri Stillwell to a new position where she can support students with tutoring, has helped coaches and sponsors to get ineligibles back up and make trips to Towoac to improve communication. So far she has made a big difference!

ii. Wayman expressed he was having issues with how we do eligibility and the way it is handled differently between athletics, performance classes, clubs and organizations.

iii. He talked with few teachers and sponsors and the main thing that came up was that no one likes the warning week. We will look to change that to just a couple days instead of a whole week for second semester.

iv. Sometimes the teacher grades 6 assignments at once. There can big swings teacher to teacher in how grading is done.

v. CHSAA says you have to be passing 5 Carnegie units, but school can choose to make it more rigorous. You can't have a failing incomplete.

vi. Students regularly feel like if they will never be eligible they will just quit.

vii. Does missing class time have to equal afterschool time? Could participants be eligible for home games or events that do not require missed classes; in hopes that they would at least have that to hang on to?

viii. How does the participation grade given by some teachers play into this?

ix. Wayman is looking for a way to make the policy fair. More discussion will be needed.

2. District Accountability Representative Report: Lucy Phelps

a. They also covered the School Performance framework information.

b. Also some discussion about Battlerock Charter School.

c. Date of Next District Accountability: Dec. 12th 2016, at 5:30 PM at District Office

3. Next meeting: M-CHS Accountability - March 2nd at 5:30PM

Meeting Notes:


In Attendance: Deanna Bagge, Luci Phelps, Charlet Johnson, Chris Kelley, Debra Ramsey, Tammi Slagle, Susanna Turose-Gaddy, and Sue Ciccia

1. District Health Policy -Sue Ciccia

a. We now have a district wide Health Policy. It can be found on the district website:

Admin Depts. > Nutrition Services > Health and Wellness Policy

i. Please review and give her feedback

b. Policy pertains to both the classroom and the playground.

c. Southwest Health Systems Health Clinic is up and running in our M-CHS building.

d. Ramsey pointed out that Ciccia will be honored in November as the Colorado School Nurse Administrator of the Year in Loveland, CO

2. Principal's Report

a. Graduation Requirements - Handout Given

i. We have ICAP in place that has 4 years of milestones that the students work on in Advisory with both the teachers and the Counselors. It is mandated by the state.

ii. We are starting to find different ways of looking at our requirements.

1. We are trying to make it so students have more than just 23 credits when they leave M-CHS. Currently, we have concurrent enrollment, ASVAB Military testing, Advanced Placement. We are trying to add some certificate programs for the skilled labor trades.

2. Please review handout and give us feedback.

3. Our ICAP requirements are based off these additional requirements.

iii. All juniors will take the SAT this spring.

b. 2015- 2016 Data - Hand out Given

i. ACT / PSAT / Grad Rate sheet

ii. Staff is dedicated to improvement and has been striving in every department to add literacy and numeracy.

iii. We tested well in the PSAT even though it was our first time.

iv. Our current grad rate is sitting at about 86% and is up from 75% in 2013.


i. The Commission of Higher Learning that controls college credits in Colorado has changed the requirements for our teachers that teach PCC classes. They will now be required to have master degrees in the exact subject content that they teach. This will effect several of our current offerings.

1. CLEP is College Level Examination Program - It is a test that we can administer at the end of our PCC courses that will allow student still get a credit for the class if they pass. We maybe implementing this this year. All departments effected are reviewing it now.

3. 2016 Adjustments

a. Changes in the Activities Office

i. Mr. Kelley and Elsie Walck have moved into the Activities Office to fill the roles as AD and Secretary. Stacey Hall is getting them up to speed as the Assistant AD.

ii. Mr. Kelley is trying to repair sections of our website for make it a better communication piece. He has added a calendar and input more information on the sports pages. Check it out.

iii. They have been interviewing photographers for help finish fall season off. Someone will be in place by next week.

4. Other: Slagle and Maness are taking all students that want to go in the 10th & 11th grades to CMU and WCCC in November. Students will not have meet eligibility for this trip as we hope it will be a motivator for those that think college is a not in their future.

5. Election of Officers

i. Deanna Bagge was elected be our new Accountability Chairperson and Luci Phelps will be her Vice Chair. Susanna Turose-Gaddy will continue as Teacher Representative, Debra Ramsey as Secretary, Joe Konik as District Accountability Teacher Rep. and Jason Wayman as Administrator. We still need a community member and more parents. Parents should out number staff on this committee.

6. District Accountability Representative Report: Joe Konik

a. Date of Next District Accountability: 11/7/ 2016

i. Phelps reported that she was assigned to be the District Accountability Parent Rep.

1. They discussed that the teacher turn over had improved a lot this year.

2. Battlerock was up for renewal.

3. There was a discussion about Accreditation watch.

7. Remaining Meeting Dates: Dec. 8th, January 12th, and March 9th All dates are Thursdays and Meeting starts at 5:30 PM

Accountability Meeting Notes 4/30/15

In attendance: David Robinson, Susanna Turose-Gaddy, Ami McAlpin, Justine Bayles, Elsie Walck, Robyn Cote, Monica Plewe, and Debra Ramsey

1. Principal's Report


i. First round had 470 testers, now after opt outs we are down to 140.

1. Schedule will be regular school, but with pull outs to minimize interruptions.

2. The subs we planned on are no longer available so we are looking into that.

3. Who tests depends on what classes they are enrolled in.

4. We are looking for a reward for those testers.

5. We have a testing window until May 20th.

6. The high school is in a better situation than the elementaries as far as timing.

b. Next Year Schedule

i. Our start time will be at 9:00 due to bussing issues with the location of the new school. We will still release at 4:25. CMS will still start at 8:55AM.

ii. Handout was given of parent letter with new bell schedule.

c. Closing Party

i. Student Government, Ag, and Drama are hosting a Goodbye to our Building Party on May 29th, from 5-7PM. Everyone in the community is welcome to come take a last walk through the halls.

ii. We got ideas about using items from this building for a fundraiser. Ex: Buck a brick, gym floor planks, etc.

1. We are still looking into that. All ideas would be need to be respectful to the closing of this school and not destructive in its intention.

d. New School

i. We should take possession of the new high school around 7/17. When we move in it will be about 70% done. They may still be working in special areas.

ii. We will hold 4 Back to School Nights: Seniors on 8/10, Juniors 8/11, Soph. 8/12, and Fresh 8/13.

iii. On Friday, 8/14 We will host a Community Grand Opening with sample classrooms, tours, and refreshments.

e. Other:

i. May 14th and 15th is Senior Finals and Checkout.

ii. May 18th and 19th is Underclassmen Finals and Checkout.

iii. Final Week:

1. May 18th is the Senior Picnic at PDV at 11:30AM

2. May 19th is the Academic, Athletic, and Activity Awards Night. Postcards will be sent to those receiving awards at 6:30PM

3. May 20th is Baccalaureate at 6:30PM

iv. May 21st is the last day and is only a half day with release at 12PM. Graduation practice is at 10:30AM and Graduation is at 6:30PM.

1. Please find a better sound system for Graduation. Last couple years the sound was terrible.

2. Next Year: Future concerns/officers/suggestions:

a. Maybe look at rumor squashing. With the new high school opening, students are saying a lot of things that may or may not be true.

i. May be fun to do a Facebook "True or False" during the summer.

1. Random rumor mill:

a. Cafeteria is like food court at the mall, with lots of fast food vendors.

b. We are trying to pull students from Dolores.

c. New school will be like a jail.

d. Panther Jungle at the gym entrance.

b. Career Pathways / Advisory:

i. Parent concern: Seems like there are a lot of different programs going on in CP. Could we just focus on one.

1. College in Colorado / ICAP / Milestones/ A- Game

2. Students and staff have too much to do for all of these.

3. Parent was surprised after 3 and half years of CP that senior still had so much to do on their own and parent was just hearing about it.

a. How can a parent help them?

i. Ask your student to invite you to their College in Colorado account and a link for the parent version will be sent to you.

ii. We foresee changes coming next year with new advisory time coming in to play.

1. The milestones are through the state so some piece of it will still be there.

2. Maybe a long term planning check list given out earlier would help.

iii. One reason it does not all get done at school is teachers are only scheduled into computer labs a few times a semester during CP.

iv. It's a sit down and get it done kind of thing, it seems to depend on how the student attacks it.

v. Maybe use the Back to School Night to get this information out to the parents about what work will need to be done at home.

vi. Parent letter handout also has information about the new advisory time we are starting to plan for next year.

1. There will be a "leave early for lunch" incentive for students on task.

a. This could include a point system on ICAP to meet deadlines.

2. There will be times when early release will not be available due to needing to work on a school wide task or lesson. Like a study skills training or ACT bubbling.

3. Will the school look at tardies?

a. We are meeting with Student Government to trouble shoot that and other items that may come up with this new program.

4. Could Advisory be butted up against at least one class, so if it is a study hall they would already be in with a teacher they have?

a. We are looking at the many variables to figure out how we place students into it. One thought is that it is the only time of day where we currently have classes together by grade.

vii. What is "A Game"?

1. It follows a booklet about public speaking and collaboration skills. Next year we have a grant that will lead us more towards study skills and planning through a new program called SOAR. It will have a more intense focus on underclassmen and not to much new for upper classmen.

viii. Counseling Department will see some changes in layout. Now all 4 grades will have their own counselor.

ix. What all programs does the high school use for parent information?

1. We use PowerSchool, Daily Announcements, Bi-Weekly Calendar, Facebook, Phone Message System and our Website.

a. ICU was used the last two years, but will be going away. Dr. Wayman is looking at another possible program that has a nice texting option where the teacher can directly communicate better.

b. Seems like PowerSchool should have more collaborative options for parents.

3. District Accountability Representative Report

a. Date of Next District Accountability: May 11th at 5:30PM

4. Next meeting: Plan meeting Schedule for 15-16 School Year

a. Group Decision to meet the second Thursday of the month starting on Sept. 10th at 5:30PM in the new Library. Debra will type up a year-long meeting schedule for distribution.

Accountability Meeting Notes for 10/29/14

1. Principal's Report Given by David Robinson:

a. 90 Day Plan Review - UVA Partnership

i. We were challenged to have a new short term plan because yearlong plans are hard to see results.

ii. This Friday is our first 90 days so we will be reviewing our first set of 90 day plans.

iii. Handout given

iv. One goal was to get 75% of students in an activity to meet student culture goal.

1. To do this we formed some new clubs in different interest areas.

v. There is a scoring system to show if we met the goals.

vi. Administration team is doing more sit down evaluations this year so far than all of last year, as part of our goal to give teachers feedback.

vii. We will start our second set of 90 day goals again next week with Leadership Team reporting back to departments.

viii. Students ask to have more staff at events, so we challenged staff to attend 2 events in fall and to ask the students more about their weekends. This helps build students up when we show interest in their school involvement.

ix. Robinson likes this because you get caught in everyday, 90 days is more doable.

b. GAP / RAP Process based on ¼

i. Handout given

ii. Grade Analysis Plan

iii. Guide for teacher to use in their course direction.

2. Vice-Principal's report

a. Lunch Policy

i. We are switching our verbiage on the lunch policy to say "we have closed campus, but with open campus privileges available".

ii. Panther press article was wrong; it will be the same next year as this year just the way we word it will be different.

iii. We will need to look at the new facility first, but for now this is the plan.

iv. Students will have to earn their privileges.

v. We have had some random check points, with computer grade checks which has caught kids off guard.

b. Honor Roll getting better advertised - cards, candy.

i. We are about half way to our 400 goal at 1st quarter.

ii. Concerns were expressed about rigor in AP courses and some teachers only putting one grade in Power School to date.

1. Mr. Robinson will investigate it.

c. Rachel's Challenge

1. Organization formed based on the life of Rachel Joy Scott, a victim in the Columbine High School Shooting. The purpose of the organization is to help prevent bullying and support positivity.

2. Presentation, Training and Community Event

a. Monday, Nov. 3rd, Assemblies at both CMS and M-CHS with training in afternoon and community presentation at night

3. The school's student body culture was so spread out in Littleton that they decided that they need to get closer as a community.

a. We often see that cultural differences divide us here too.

4. 100 students and 10 teachers will attend training.

5. Diana Coulter is our new PBIS sponsor and attended this training and has been working tirelessly to bring it to our students.

6. Including the middle school students will help bring it though to the high school in the future.

ii. Sources of Strength Program is starting up in the Counseling Office

a. Peer driven effort to create a culture of kindness.

b. Ten students will recruit friends and create a chain reaction.

iii. Senior CMAS testing will be on Nov. 11th & 12th.

1. All seniors will be tested in science and social studies.

2. There are 2 testing sections and 3 sessions.

3. Seniors asked to break up science / social studies between the two days.

4. There schedule will be 9:00AM to 2:30PM, with early release both days.

5. It is all on computers

6. Parents asked to please have snacks for them.

7. Baseline data.

8. We will use 157 computers.

9. TCAP is gone.

10. For accreditation we have to have 95% attendance on this test, but we have had that for awhile now so that should not be a problem.

11. In spring, 9th, 10th, & 11th will test.

12. End of the year course exams have been discussed at state level, election year may change this.

13. Semester finals in classes will be before holiday break. When we return it will be third quarter / 2nd semester.

iv. Cedar Diagnostics donated an entire mobile 25 computer lab and cart to the Career Center. This is be a huge help for them with Career planning and College in Colorado, but will also help us make this testing go smoother.

3. District Accountability Representative Report

a. No one had attended, Debra will see if their meeting notes can be sent out.

b. Date of Next District Accountability: Nov. 10th at 5:30PM

4. Community Open Forum - No items

5. Next meeting: We will be moving to a quarterly meeting, instead of monthly. The next meeting will be Jan. 28th at 5:30PM followed by March 25th.

Accountability Notes for August 2014 - First Meeting of the Year

In Attendance: Ed Rice, Tammi Slagle, Jeff Carr, Mitchell Toms, Don Haley

1. Principal's Report - given by Ed Rice

a. M-CHS Achievements

i. Dr. Wayman compiled a list our successes from the past year. We have seen incredible growth. The Year in Review is attached.

b. Freshmen Academy

i. We had 92 participates on the biggest day. That is the most we have had since we started. Students that attended received an off campus lunch pass. Those that did not had to wait until first quarter.

c. Lunch Pass

i. We will be having a lunch pass to leave for lunch again this year. The criteria to qualify for a pass will be based on Attendance, Grades, Discipline, involvement, and test scores.

d. Attendance

i. We will be giving the students that have a 6th absence in a class an "I" for incomplete in Power School.

e. New High School

i. Our staff was able to take a tour of the new facility during the month of September. It looks like everything is coming together nicely.

f. Homecoming

i. Over 200 students participated in the dance.

ii. The parade was moved to Thursday to help avoid class disruptions and to get more participation from the schools. It was our longest parade in a long time.

g. Other?

i. New drop-off zone

2. We have had the city come and paint us a new drop off zone due to the dangerous situation we see each morning. The new zone will be available for use on Sept. 29th.

ii. Parent Teacher Conferences

1. On Thursday, Sept. 25th we will have phone call conferences from 12:30pm-5:30pm and then in person classroom conferences from 5:30pm-8pm.

2. District Accountability Representative Report

a. Have not met yet this year - no report.

b. Date of Next District Accountability: Nov. 10th at 5:30PM

3. Community Open Forum - "How do we get more people involved?"

4. Next meeting: Oct. 29th at 5-:30PM

Accountability Notes for April 30th, 2014 - Last Meeting of year

In Attendance: Jason Wayman, Debra Ramsey, Don and Lori Haley, Christy Aiken, Amanda Ramos, Tierney Wilson, Todd Plewe, and Cassie Finley.

1. Ag Speeches

a. Tierney Wilson and Cassie Finley presented their state speeches so they could practice in front of adults.

2. Principal's Report

a. Attendance

i. New plan is in effect and we have started giving incompletes.

ii. This has not been popular with the students, but necessary to teach life skills needed for graduation.

iii. There are about 100 students affected.

b. CTE Summer Conference in GJ taking 12

i. It has never been on West Slope so Mr. Rice is planning to take 12 teachers.

c. Graduation Data

i. Our senior class was at 178 when they came in as a freshmen and is now at 122 in attendance.

1. We know where all the missing students are.

2. With transfers considered, we are responsible for 132 student outcomes.

a. Only 3 are listed as drop outs, 4 got their GED's but they still count as a drop out.

b. Approximately 20 will not meet requirements on time.

c. This puts us at about an 80% graduation rate, which is on task for state expectations. The state formula is more complicated but it is our hopes.

d. Teacher Changes

i. We will move to just one Ag Teacher, instead of 1 1/2.

ii. We will move to two Art Teachers, instead of 2 1/2.

iii. We will be offering more PCC offerings like Statistics, AP 3 and 4, U.S. History, Computer Applications, and Theater Tech.

1. AP 3 and 4 will be a PCC/AP class so the student has both opportunities.

iv. Our Math dept. is celebrating that almost half of all juniors are registered in a college level Math class for next year!

e. Grants

i. Mrs. Smith is leaving our Check and Connect Program, but she wrote 4 grants for us for next year.

1. Attendance grant, Drug and Alcohol, Drop-Out Prevention Grant, Counselor Core

2. We hope to get a 9th grade Transition Counselor, fund ICU and Check and Connect, add some Reading Specialist, and hire teachers as tutors.

f. Improvement - tabled

i. Optimism

ii. Belonging

iii. Pride, self-esteem, confidence

iv. Sense of purpose

g. Cutting Sports Programs (discussion points)

i. We are not getting any applications for the coaching positions we have available.

ii. We are looking at cutting sports with low participation.

iii. We have to stay incompliance with Title IX.

iv. Students can still play on other area schools teams.

1. When a student from another school plays on our teams does that school offset the costs? -No

v. Some of our lowest participated in sports are our most successful. Example: Golf & Wrestling

vi. One problem is we offer too many sports for the students to pick from.

vii. Middle School or Tri-City Soccer do not have a feeder program for that age group.

1. In a budget meeting Mr. Carter had at one time mentioned forming task force on athletics. This may be a good way to approach the problems. The task force could make long term plans for eligibility, funding, and guidelines for team sizes.

2. It is not fair to cut a fall sport fall. There should be a plan as to what the school says will make or break a sport offering in advance.

viii. There are over 100 youth wrestlers but only 10 at the high school level.

ix. How much more do we ask out of our students than CHSAA requires for eligibility.

1. They only require that we have and oversee a policy on eligibility.

a. The middle school requires a C average.

2. It is no longer a privilege to be an athlete, since our children know that they will have to play in situations where there may be no one on the bench or they may be forced to play at a higher level than they are ready. Many of our best athletes feel beaten down not proud.

3. Some kids only perform well in school if their grades are tied to sports.

4. Can eligibility be based more on core classes than electives?

a. Not unless you want to send a message to elective teachers and students that those classes are not as important.

5. Is our eligibility aligned with our graduation standards?

6. Lowering eligibility standards would at least allow for a struggling student to be working with an adult, instead of not being involved with school at all.

7. Do we have clearly defined rules for student athletes?

a. Yes in the Activities Handbook, but some coaches have like Baseball and Basketball have even expanded on that so they know that the rules are clear.

3. District Accountability Representative Report

a. Date of Next District Accountability: May 12th, at 5PM

4. Community Open Forum

5. Next meeting: Fall of 2014 - New schedule will be sent out

Febuary Accountability 2/26/14 Meeting Notes

In Attendance: David Robinson, Debra Ramsey, Don Haley, Elsie Walck, Amie Smith, Todd Plewe, Susanna Turose-Gaddy, Kristy Aiken

1. Principal's Report

a. Calendar

i. Handed out proposed next school year calendar.

ii. Not a lot of changes this time.

iii. This draft went to school board.

iv. Leadership Team was supportive of it this morning.

v. If you have questions email Dr. Wayman or Administration.

b. ICU

i. New program where parents receive text messages about missed assignments.

ii. It stands for Intensive Care Unit for grades.

iii. Teacher puts it in the computer that the student is missing an assignment and a text or email is sent to the parent.

iv. This is mostly for critical assignments.

v. Every day we print off list of missing assignments and students with an F in a class and those students come for the first 25 minutes of lunch to work on it.

vi. We have seen 394 completed assignments turned in within just the first month.

vii. Over 70 - 80 kids have moved off the F list.

viii. We will extend it into next year.

ix. We have about 300 assignments divided between 150 kids now that we want to try to get ahead of.

x. Can be for a student not meeting the standards too if needed.

xi. Some parents were confused about the ICU reference.

xii. Parents get feedback when assignment is done.


i. March 17, 18, 19th

ii. We need to hit 95% attendance and completion to earn AYP points on Accreditation.

iii. Seniors are doing community projects.

iv. The juniors will be doing ACT Prep and CSU Survey during that time.

v. There will be some schedule changes due to changes in the layout of math testing.

vi. Next year we will be testing seniors in social studies and science in fall.

vii. It will be online next year.

viii. The national ACT will be at college for juniors on April 23rd.

ix. We will do make-ups the following week.

d. Safety week before Prom

i. State Patrol, local police, Health Dept. and our school clubs will host a weeklong event.

ii. There will be lunch time activities each day like trivia questions on the announcements and finger-painting to support awareness of texting while driving. iii. Students can earn tickets all week and Friday there will be a BBQ in the student parking lot.

iv. Also, Friday there will be a mock accident scene and assembly.

v. Other:

1. The governor has asked the State Patrol to start doing random walk-thoughs at local high schools. They have now been in a few times and are getting to know our building well.

e. Registration

i. Counseling is preparing to begin 2014-2015 registration.

ii. They will be going into classrooms.

iii. Our Course Description Books will be coming out soon.

iv. There will be many more PCC options next year.

1. Costs will be associated with those courses.

2. No current District Accountability meeting has taken place so there is no report.

a. Date of Next District Accountability: March 10th at 5PM

3. Community Open Forum - None

4. Next meeting: March 26th, at 5:30PM in the M-CHS Library

M-CHS Accountability Meeting Notes for 1/29/14

In Attendance: Jason Wayman, Debra Ramsey, Don Haley, Lori Haley, Sheri Noyes, Todd Plewe, Monica Plewe, Deana Bagge, Susanna Turose-Gaddy, Toby Baker

1. Principal's Report

a. Attendance

i. We sent a letter home about changes we are putting in place.

ii. We are currently at 89.5% but our goal was 95% attendance.

iii. Mr. Rice is handled the letter and has taken on calling absent students parents.

1. He is making 15-35 calls a day.

iv. We have a lot of sick students right now.

v. This is the most aggressive we have been since Wayman started.

b. ZAP

i. Zero's Are not Permitted

ii. We have purchased a new program called ICU.

1. This program sends texts or emails to parents when a student has a zero or a missing grade.

2. The message is sent when the teacher enters the assignment in the computer. Since not all teachers will be entering the information at the same time the text will be sent randomly.

iii. We also added a new grant-funded position called Student Success Advocate. Mr. Evan Frost will be located in the office in the commons and he will be calling in all students with F's and assist them with setting up tutoring.

c. Discipline

i. Out of School Suspension does not work for all students.

ii. We are looking for creative options.

1. Some are doing community service for us, others have made posters about tardies and ditching.

2. We are trying to keep them in school whenever possible.

3. All fights students will get sent home.

d. Tutoring

i. We are now sending all students with 2 F's or more to tutoring.

ii. Wayman has a board in his office with all the tracking.

iii. We also added Wednesdays, so we could do it one more day a week.

iv. Mrs. VanEvery is our sponsor for tutoring and has an English background. Students have also been receiving help from Dr. Wayman, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Frost and some of the Calcusus students have helped with math.

v. Amy Smith from our Check and Connect program s looking for parent volunteers so we have more help in science and math.


i. March 17th Full day, 18th Full day, & 19th Early Release Day 2:40PM

ii. Sophomore science was moved to the pilot program, so we will not be testing for that this year.

iii. Next year CMASS testing begins in November.

iv. All grades test in Math next year.

v. Dr. Wayman is pushing to cancel MAPS Testing for next year, because there is gettingto be to much testing.

vi. We will be able to make our baseball tournament, which was a big problem last year.

vii. Juniors will do ACT prep and seniors will do 9 hours of community service during this time.

1. National ACT is coming up April 12th. All juniors will take this test. We will bus them out to SCCC.

2. SAT and ACT test application deadlines are coming up and will be posted on the Bi-weekly calendar and announcements.

3. Parents appreciated that Mrs. Ryan was getting those dates out.

f. Graduation Rate

i. Our graduation rate is now 70.9%. This is the highest it has been in at least 5 years.

ii. Dr. Wayman attributes the improvement to the teachers staying on top of students that need help.

iii. Mr. Robinson has started to meet personally with every failing senior today.

g. New High School Logos

i. We hired a Branding company to design us a new logo that would support school spirit and look good as we transition into the new building.

ii. Today our online is up and running with a percentage of the profits going to the school.

iii. All artwork will now have to be approved and meet the branding standards.

iv. We own the artwork and we can give it to whichever vendor we choose. The only stipulation in the branding agreement is that if we make a large purchase over $1,000.00 we allow our branding company to submit a bid for the work.

h. New High School Construction

i. We are looking into applying for a GOCO grant to help with athletic sites.

i. Student Government

i. Dr. Wayman has been working with them to have more student driven events.

1. They are hosting the Pep Assembly for the Orange Crush Game.

2. They are looking into a Sadie Hawkins/Sweethearts Dance in Feb.

3. They want to do a survey to the student body to get ideas.

4. They are talking about using attendance tracking to apply some rewards for students.

5. Parents expressed appreciation for the work Mr. Kelley had done on the all the Homecoming events.

j. Basketball Durango Home game

i. Dr. Wayman purchased a decibel level reader to measure the noise level at games and try to get the students spirit level up. He will try it out at the pep assembly.

ii. We had a great turnout at the JV game on Monday.

iii. The Booster Club Pizza Dinner & Pie Auction was a huge success.

iv. Parent's expressed that having Choir singing at games has been awesome. It has been nice to hear and good to have.

1. Mrs. Sitton always tries to have someone there to sing.

2. District Accountability Representative Report

a. Last meeting was about Elementary plan review.

b. End of year dates where sent out by email earlier today for Graduation, Awards night, etc.

i. Graduation will be Thursday, May 22nd at 6:30PM

c. Date of Next District Accountability: March 10th at 5PM

3. Community Open Forum - What is the hype about Accreditation?

a. We are on year 4 of 5 for being on watch. There is some confusion of what year we are on. If our points improve we go off watch.

b. District is applying for a grant for new school fields.

c. School year calendar was released as a draft for review. Committee is still working on finalizing it.

4. Next meeting: March 26th, at 5:30PM in the M-CHS Library

M-CHS Accountability Meeting Notes 11/20/13

In Attendance: Don Haley, Lori Haley, Sheri Noyes, Jason Wayman, Debra Ramsey

1. Principal's Report:

a. Unified Improvement Plan - Create Formative Assessments & Complete Analysis

i. Some schools are looking at end of quarter assessments.

ii. Common Core makes student have to analyze the materials and how it pertains to other events.

iii. Teachers access test data and analyze how student comprehended and performed.

iv. We have purchased a new scanner test option that makes finding out where students are much faster.

1. They can readdress areas that the masses missed right away.

ii. SEED teams are discussing student work in groups to compare their scoring techniques.

1. Departments are tracking to see that all students will hit a standard by semester.

2. We have talked about breaking down some freshmen core classes so those students that are struggling can get it.

b. School Improvement Ideas

i. Considering our limited budget what could we do?

1. Students enjoyed the SW Concert Series Concert.

a. They will be doing it again in April.

2. Only a few people showed up for the Open House. Thank you to those that showed up.

3. SCCC/PCC wants to have more offerings through us, maybe College Algebra and others.

4. Apathy; we are not seeing a general want or need to get work done.

a. We need to start addressing this, because we are sending a bad messages that some assignments don't matter, so then they think they all do not matter.

b. Higher students are driven by the grade, but others don't care. We need to make it about the learning.

c. How do we tie it to parental involvement?

i. We are looking into Student lead conferences. They would be prebooked.

ii. Students do not seek teacher approval at the high school level like when they are little.

iii. Can there be items that a student must complete to move on?

5. Intensives have happened at other schools and been successful.

6. Enrichments was good, but was difficult to track.

7. Wear a hat day? Good attendance award?

a. If you wear school colors on Fridays you can wear hats?

c. School Leadership Meetings CMS & M-CHS

i. Our Leadership teams met to create a system that aligns each building. This applies to all the things we do, eligibility, attendance, dress code, etc.

2. District Accountability Representative Report from 11/11/13- cancelled moved to Dec. 2nd at 5:30PM

a. Date of Next District Accountability: Dec. 2nd at 5:30PM

3. Next meeting: January 29th, at 5:30PM in the M-CHS Library

M-CHS Accountability Meeting Notes 10/23/13

In Attendance: Jason Wayman, Don Haley, Susanna Turose-Gaddy, Debra Ramsey, Lori Haley, Wendy Daniels, Jeannie Howe, Sheri Noyes, Todd Daniels

1. Principal's Report

a. New High School Display

i. Plans displayed

ii. Tennis courts and competition soccer field are only happening if money is available.

iii. Geothermal energy will be used.

iv. Furniture and technology is included in the plan.

v. Front entrance is for mass exit or entrance, but after bell it is funneled down to go through office.

vi. Half lockers are available for students.

vii. Fenced in patio for students off commons

viii. Natural light will be included.

ix. It has about the same amount of classrooms as we have now.

x. The building has more storage and more conference areas.

xi. There will be less computer labs, but more mobile computer labs.

xii. Classrooms are a little bigger, but also include built-in wall storage so they will be much bigger than we are used to.

xiii. Baseball and softball could be added later on the land next to the new high school, if funds because available.

xiv. Middle School will use current field.

xv. Nunn and Southwest Contractors are responsible for the construction.

b. Parent / Teacher Conferences

i. Babysitting provided

ii. Enchilada dinner will be provided.

c. High School Parent Engagement

i. We need ideas on how to get more parents to come to events?

1. More dinners provided maybe for celebrations.

ii. Limit time in conferences so no one waits 30 minutes.

1. Schedule an appointment if longer appointment needed.

2. Can teachers let parents know who they need to talk too?

d. Other?

i. Can the Cumulative GPA be added to the progress reports?

2. District Accountability Representative Report from 10/8/13

a. Date of Next District Accountability: November 11th at 5PM

i. No one attended. They can't have it at 5PM and expect anyone to attend.

3. Community Open Forum

Next meeting: November 20th, at 5:30PM in the M-CHS Library - unified improvement plan.

M-CHS Accountability Meeting Notes 9/25/13

In Attendance: Debra Ramsey, David Robinson, Kristy Aiken, Don & Lori Haley, Bobbi Lock, Todd & Wendy Daniels, Susanna Turose-Gaddy, Sheri Noyes, and Kathy Cattrell.

1. Principal's Report (Given by Robinson)

a. School Performance Framework - Handouts

i. Handout of where our schools are for accreditation.

ii. Second handout shows:

1. How many we had test.

2. If you don't get above 95% tested, it drops you no matter what the scores are.

3. It's a little tricky because sometimes 9th and 10th are reported together and sometimes it's just 9th.

4. Performance indicators were reviewed.

5. Wayman and Robinson want to find places to gain points.

6. We received total points of 45.1 out of 100.

7. Question: What does the middle school numbers look like?

a. The scoring is different at each level.

b. We try to look at the cohort and compare ranges like 6th to 8th to see the decline.

c. It would be worth it to look at it.

d. Students can fail math in middle school and still be promoted to high school.

e. Retention is also by the parent's choice.

8. We will keep hammering on in Math and Writing to fix what we can.

9. Wayman is working on helping those that are struggling.

10. Drop out rate is based on 7th-12th grade.

a. It includes students that move and do not tell us where they are going.

b. Mrs. Stevens is tracking this information down to improve the numbers.

c. It is possible that some children could be counted at different schools.

i. There is a state id number that is meant to catch it.

d. We need to cut this in half.

e. If a freshman does not fail a course they are 200 times more likely to graduate on time.

11. Question: Can you be in more than one category? Yes.

12. For More information you can visit the CDE website, click on "Framework".

13. Numbers that are reported are always 1 year behind.

14. Two years ago our biggest ding came from our highest level kids.

15. The main questions is "Are students being challenged?"

16. We are trying to work the students into groups outside their comfort zones.

b. Lunch

i. We have now been on the sticker system for 1 week.

1. Today we had zero tardies!

2. Some students are finding new ways into the building, so we are trying to cover more areas.

3. We write "probation" on the card and when we see them get another bad grace we pull the sticker off and they lose privileges.

4. Student body is doing a good job of taking care of their business.

a. The next step is to presenting to the board to see if we can use the sticker system to discount entry to sports and dances as a added reward.

b. Maybe community and businesses could get on board too and offer discounts like they have done for the teachers.

c. Dress for Success given to Student Government

i. They said we already do Tie Tuesday, but it needs to be bigger and better advertized.

ii. They meet Tuesday to discuss it further.

iii. Mr. Chris Kelley (Social Studies Dept.), our new Student Government Sponsor, is doing great at getting them back to being a real governing body.

d. Homecoming Week - Themed "A Night at the Movies" is next week 9/23-28

i. Monday -Dress Up -Disney

ii. Tuesday - Dress Up Roaring 20's & Tennis at Home vs. Durango

iii. Wednesday - Dress Up Sci-Fi / Marvel Day, 6:30PM Impulsive Improvisers Show & 6:30PM Peach Fuzz Volleyball

iv. Thursday - Dress Up as Your Favorite Movie Character /Zombie Day & 7PM Powder Puff Football game

v. Friday - Dress Up in Panther Pride, Special Bell Schedule, 1:45PM Pep Assembly, 3:15PM Homecoming Parade, 3PM Softball vs. Rifle, 4:30PM Tailgate Party, 5PM Tennis vs. Fruita, 6/7:30PM Volleyball vs. GJHS

vi. Saturday-9AM Tennis vs. Montrose, 9/10:30AM Volleyball vs. Montrose, 10/12 Softball vs. Eagle Valley, 11AM Football vs. Steamboat Springs- Halftime Royalty and performances by the Marching Panthers, Dance Team, and Cheerleaders, 8PM-11PM Homecoming Dance in the Main Gym.

e. Robinson will be giving a free pass for Perfect Attendance students.

i. He will look doing some kind of event or giveaway every 9 weeks for positive rewards.

ii. He will also be looking at ways to recognize Perfect Attendance all year award.

iii. Mr. Wayman gave Mr. Robinson a budget this year for PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems)

1. Targets Positive Behaviors

2. All state recognized excuses do not count like Doctor, School Activities, etc.

3. Robinson will be handing out bubble gym on random days to students that are present.

2. District Accountability Representative Report

a. Dave attended it was mostly about new Charter school application pro and cons.

b. Date of Next District Accountability: Oct. 8th at 5PM (verified by Billye Morgan)

3. Community Open Forum:

a. What is Goal Academy? Their advertizing has been seen around town lately.

i. Goal Academy is an online education provider that has moved to town.

ii. They are accredited with CDE.

iii. If a student goes online it is one of the best offerings, because a teacher is available at a store location when they need them.

iv. They have to test TCAP.

v. Their scores do not affect our district scores.

4. ACT this weekend. More ACT & SAT dates are coming up, watch the calendar.

a. The free National ACT test for Juniors will be in April.

Next meeting: October 23rd, at 5:30PM in the M-CHS Library

M-CHS Accountability Meeting Notes - August 28th, 2013

In Attendance: Debra Ramsey, Jason Wayman, Don and Lori Haley, Wendy and Todd Daniels, Sheila Castillo, Bobbi Lock, Tina Hampton, Sheri Noyes, Brittney Smith, Kathy Cattrell, and Susanna Turose-Gaddy

1. Principal's Report

a. Back to School Night

i. It was well attended

ii. Looking for ways to change things up and keep it fresh and ways to minimize paperwork.

iii. We may be able to print out the PowerSchool information and just have parents confirm it.

iv. There was a suggestion to use an email option for those that had the it available.

b. Handbook

i. We are adjusting to the new 20 minute wait period.

ii. No class interruptions for the first 20 minutes of class.

iii. New 5 minute passing periods have been very positive, and teachers are greeting students at the door of the class.

c. Career Pathways

i. Students will be doing:

1. 2 days of Leadership Skills

a. Our focus is to build on personal strengths and learn to collaborate in groups.

2. 1 day of Grade checks

a. Teacher will talks to them one on one and individuals can get some Study Hall time.

3. 1 Day of College in Colorado

d. Lunch Policy

i. We are having open campus until they lose it.

1. Only 3 students where tardy today! That's a record, last year sometimes it was up to 70 students.

2. Students were given small name cards to use to get out the door until ids arrive. And administration approves them as they go out. Many students taped them to their phones and just flashed them as they walked by.

a. Next week we will do school pictures and they will get cards soon after.

e. Other:

i. Administration is considering having Power Mondays.

1. Power Monday would be a day all staff and students would be expected to dress for success / Job Interview style.

2. This may start after the Holiday breaks.

3. Purpose is to help change our school culture as a whole.

4. Wayman said we will support students that have trouble with the transition.

a. Students who can't afford it may feel awkward and it might make it seem like we are all about the clothes and how you look.

5. We would need parent buy-in.

6. Could implement this in baby steps and maybe use a reward system?

7. Could Student Government approach the topic so it is not coming from administration?

a. Wayman will look into these suggestions.

ii. Staff has been greeting students at the door with high-fives and hellos every morning. Mr. Gropp, our new Check and Connect Monitor has high-fived almost every student for 6 straight days!

iii. Mr. Wayman is speaking over the intercom to the student each morning with goals and inspiration.

iv. We could be up to 700 students by October. This is up quite a bit from last year.

v. New High School is ground breaking in November.

2. GPA's & Weighted Grades

a. What is happening?

i. They are weighted for PCC and AP, but not for advanced.

ii. Mrs. Stevens, our School Register is back-weighting for our soph., jun. and seniors classes, so they have 4 years of weighted grades.

iii. Mrs. Ryan told a parent she needed to check on the back-weighting question. Mr. Wayman will let her know.

iv. They will get the weighted grade even if they pass the class, but do not pass (score well on) the AP exam.

3. District Accountability Representative Report - No meeting yet this year.

a. Date of Next District Accountability: Sept. 9th at 5PM

4. Community Open Forum

Next meeting: Sept. 18th, at 5:30PM in the M-CHS Library